Marino School offers students:

  • a highly supported learning environment;
  • a modified curriculum to suit individual needs;
  • an Individual Education Programme based on student strengths and needs;
  • a Links Programme with mainstream schools;
  • a Behavioural Support Plan to meet individual needs as appropriate;
  • use of computers, ‘smart’ boards and assistive technology to facilitate and enable individual access to the curriculum;
  • a School Leavers’ Programme incorporating work experience in the community and
  • an Inclusive Physical Education Programme including Boccia, wheelchair hurling, horse-riding and swimming.

Marino School provides:

  • a very low pupil-teacher ratio;
  • experienced teachers with qualifications in special educational needs and
  • special needs assistants with specific skills and training in supporting students with special needs.

Links Programme

Marino School Links Programme offers students an opportunity to attend and participate in specific classes in curricular areas as part of an individual education plan. The programme promotes access to a broad education and the development of positive self esteem, confidence and friendship for all involved.

Focus on Learning

Primary Curriculum

Curriculum for national Schools

Language/Literacy: Specific Emergent Literacy Programme, LAMH, PECS
Social Personal: RSE
Health Education: Social Skills
Social, Environmental and Scientific Education


Post Primary Curriculum

JCSP: Junior Certificate Schools Programme
Junior Certificate: Facilitated through our Links Programme
Leaving Certificate Applied: Facilitated through our Links Programme
Leaving Certificate: Facilitated through our Links Programme
FETAC Programmes

Additional Activities

Field trips
Educational trips
Interschool curriculum projects
Comenius Programme